Magic of Herbs

Welcome to Dutch Spirit, the source for our magical mix of Lung Herbs and Chakra Herbs. We basically offer two selections of our herbal mixes: Lung Herbs and Chakra Herbs.

Lung Herbs Value pack

A Value pack Dutch Spirit Lung Herbs (10 packages):
The Netherlands € 49,50,-  | Europe € 55,-  | World € 65,-


Chakra  Herbs Value pack

A Value pack Dutch Spirit Chakra Herbs (10 packages):
The Netherlands € 44,50  | Europe € 49,50 | World € 59,50

Order Value Packs by contacting us via
Money can be transferred to: ABN/AMRO  Bank

IBANnr: NL90ABNA0409313041
Name: Stichting Akhaldan Amsterdam, Holland (with description ‘Dutch Spirit’ & your email)

After confirmation of the payment the package will be send by secure postal. Please note to send us the exact adress with postal code.

You can only order whole 10 pack packages here, for single packages please use the  Azarius. network Store

Sarvamangalam! (All sentient beings are happy)

About Dutch Spirit and Akhaldan

AKHALDAN is an astro-ecological society of learned beings like you and me. AKH means Heaven, AL stands for God and DAN signifies the Here and the Now.

The main goal of our foundation is the stimulation of cosmic consciousness by the study, production and practising of 7 magic arts or sciences to know:

  1. Astrology: To know the meaning and impact of the positions of the planets in our solar system “Ors”.
  2. Music: To discover the magic of hearing into the silence with the 12 tunes.
  3. Painting: To create colours and discover the magic of light into darkness.
  4. Yoga: To feel the back and discover the beauty of the 7 chakra’s.
  5. Tantra: To discover the magic of losing your Ego and Mind.
  6. Alchemy: To taste the magic of herbs in the form of tea or evaporator for a better health.
  7. Philosophy: Hepthaparaparshinokh “Universal cosmic law of Sevenfoldness” to discover the magic of the Seven Ways.

Stichting AKHALDAN was founded on the 27th of May 1983 in Amsterdam the Netherlands by Manoj Hermans & Gert-Jan Evelo